My thing is the sea and its colours. And everything I do is related to that binomial that arises between nature and art, two complementary and opposing forces at the same time. From this encounter between the human and the natural are borned unique pieces that symbolize life and its eternal circle.
Recycling to create life. The materials I use come from the sea, they taste like sand and rock, like infinity, calmness, detail, time and space.

Do you have any project related to the sea?

Everything started at sea. I saw it with a thousand green tones and people said it was blue. I decided to investigate, I began to dive and to see an endless number of soft, almost equal colors, suddenly cut by brushstrokes of moving brilliance that were trying to sneak through the rocks.
I saw it clear. Mine was the sea.
The logical thing is that I studied for fish, but I had to settle for an agronomist and a master’s degree that enabled me to live with fish. Actually, my maturity began there. It was not the fish, nor the rocks, nor the water. It was the colors. I liked the colors.
But I did not want just one color, I wanted my color. And so Docavo was born. Paintings, sculptures, drawings … in which I want to share the colors and shapes that I see. A little peace amid so much hysteria.
Ana Docavo